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(adj. ) Downstream is a transmission from a server to an end user. A downstream transmission can be in the form of a signal being transmitted from a server to a workstation across a network, such as a LAN, or a signal being sent from a cable service provider to a customer. A transmission from an end user to a server is referred to as upstream.In molecular biology, what's the meaning of the terms downstream signaling and upstream signaling ? What's the difference between them? downstream application meaning

Definition of Downstream. The downstream stage in the production process involves processing the materials collected during the upstream stage into a finished product. The downstream stage further includes the actual sale of that product to other businesses, governments or private individuals.

upstream means data channel from source system to ETL. there are verity of source system (RDBMS, Flat Files, XML, ODBC). this data is integrated by ETL. this is input to ETL. same as upstream. Downstream means data generated from ETL. Aug 18, 2014  Application Dependency Upstream and Downstream Definitions. One of the objectives on the VCAPDCD exam is to be able to demonstrate and build Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERD) and define the upstream and downstream components. What I wanted to discuss with you was how you, my peers, interpret application dependencies and definedownstream application meaning They would be the upstream, futher downstream would be your distribution, and at the end of the river would be the user. Ubuntu is in the middle of the river. Upstream would be the software that Ubuntu packages and ships to users. Things like GNOME, Firefox, X. org, the Linux kernel, and many more applications.

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Downstream maintainers may submit issues related to things having to do with the packaging or any patches added. If you are working on something like Mint which is based on Ubuntu, which is based on Debian the term upstream could mean any one of the maintainers between the current distro, or it could refer to the original author(s). downstream application meaning