Comcast upstream power too high

2020-03-30 07:23

Upstream power levels that are too high will affect a modem connection's consistency. As the levels increase, the modem's ability to connect to the provider decreases, which may cause the modem to power down or disconnect.The modem status will show the downstream SNr (signal to noise ratio) which usually should be above 30, mid to upper 30's is good, over 30 usually means you've got too much power anyhow, and under the 2530 range you're gonna start losing packets. comcast upstream power too high

The downstream power level being between 13 to 15 is high. This is something you will want to get in touch with the internet provider on to have this adjusted closer to zero as possible. This would indicate possible cable plant issue. Once the signals are adjusted, you shouldn't be having the connection issue.

Apr 15, 2014 In general if the upstream value is your problem, Comcast shouldn't charge you as it relates to something within your network. Your upstream power level is too high. It's supposed to be within 50, and with you being right on the border I bet that's causing an issue. Ask for a tech to come out and they should see that. I had an issue where there was a kink in the line and if too many people were on the downstreamupstream would to go hell. Had to have them fix it to resolve it. Also, if you're using 2 splitters that'll cause an upstream power too high Aug 02, 2013  I thought I would share my fix for constant dropped connections on my cable modem. Faced this problem for about a year and finally got it fixed! This is only a fix for high upstream power

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Readings taken while the modem is resetting are not always reliable. But once stable, the upstream power should be below 51. Also note your modem is only using one upstream comcast upstream power too high Nov 26, 2013 If your internet connection keeps disconnecting, the problem could be a high upstream power level. If your upstream power level is at 58 dBmV or higher, an Active Return amplifier could be the answer to your problem. I finally gave up on COX technical support and technician house visits and took matters into my own hands. Jul 05, 2010 [Signals Upstream Power too high. I don't think this is their fault but the upstream power on my cable modem is very high (sits at 56dBmV). When it hits 57dBmV it usually looses sync with the headend and might be out for 24 hours at a time. I checked the Cable Modem FAQ page on here and the signals for everything else are great, I've been going around in circles with Comcast for about 18 months now. Connections sometimes drops off multiple times a day, and I'm quite certain it's related to or at least corresponding with High Upstream Power levels. I've also noticed these correlate to temperature changes. Jun 12, 2008 Comcast Increases Upstream Speeds for Its HighSpeed Internet Customers for No Additional Charge. With PowerBoost technology, Comcast customers can get up to 12 Mbps downloads on the Performance tier and up to 16 Mbps downloads on the Performance Plus tier for files such as videos, games, music and digital photos.