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2020-04-05 17:04

Sep 15, 2013  Hi everyone i'm new on this server. I recently made a bukkit server for because i wanted to use with TechnicPack's clay soldiers. I don't have problems to enter in the server but when i try to take a clay soldier from the inventory the connection falls and appears end of streamWhen i try to get onto a tekkit server it says end of stream even though my friends are on it? What does it mean if on a tekkit server it says end of stream every time you try to get on? Tekkit server connection failed. Why do my friend get stream end message when end of stream bukkit

Dec 16, 2012 the server is running but when they cut a leaves, for example, the server shows the message End of Stream and as op have i no permissions to bukkit commands The Serverlog 17: 32: 28 [WARNING [BukkitForge Server permissions f

Appeal for help for Cloudhunter. Please see here. Welcome to rtekkit! This subreddit is focused on the Tekkit classic and Tekkit lite modpack, And is a place for you to show off what you can do, get help on what you want to do, or just invite people over to come look at what you have done! Bukkit Spigot End of Stream, Plugin Fehler Bitte besucht unser neues Forum unter Please visit our new Forum atend of stream bukkit Apr 07, 2019 Earlier today I was disconnected by a server because I think it crashed. Ever since then I have been getting Connection Lost End Of Stream when ever I try to join a server. I have tried restarting my Tekkit but that didn't work. Is there a reason for this If so can you explain why

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Welcome to MCBans. MCBans is a banning solution for Minecraft, provided through the Bukkit plugin. The aim of the plugin is to provide server owners with a method of assisting in the prevention of griefers on their own and other's servers, using global bans. end of stream bukkit Oct 22, 2011 Hi players can join my minecraft bukkit server but after a while they get disconnected by end of stream? Why does my Minecraft Server always says Reached End Of Stream ? More questions Oct 14, 2013 As a generic answer, end of stream normally means couldn't talk to server properly . a few troubleshooting questions: Stupid question, but are your server files up to date? Are you running vanilla? Bukkit? something else? Any plugins? Is the server wired or wireless, likewise for all clients. End of stream. Ich habe die Permission eingestellt und wenn ich auf den server connecten will kommt end of stream at at Oct 05, 2015 Almost every single time I join a server, I cant join and minecraft says Connection Lost End of Stream. I read somewhere that it might be because the server is using an outdated version of tekkit classic? If so, how would I downgrade tekkit classic?