2010 toyota prius check hybrid system light

2020-04-04 11:55

Mar 25, 2016  Q: The Check Hybrid System light is on, and the car feels like the RPMs are running high just to get up to 50 MPH. The Check Engine light is on as well. Hi, there is a recall for Prius of that year. Typically when this happensJun 14, 2014 I have 2010 toyota prius we use it as taxi so that light is for its relay box right next to the hybrid battery. It gets corrosion inside to the relay. It's gona happen more in cold when u let the car sit longer. It will start if u try couple of times. It should be under warranty since ur car is so new. Thanks 2010 toyota prius check hybrid system light

My Check Hybrid System light message appeared today as well, plus the malfunction indicator lamp, brake system warning light, slip indicator, and the master warning light. My 2010 prius still let me drive about 8 miles to my driveway.

Apr 28, 2019 Toyota Prius 2010 Hybrid 1. 8 in Kuala Lumpur Automatic Hatchback Silver for RM 35, 800 Carlist. my 1 careful owner tiptop Carlist. my Toyota Prius C 2013 Hybrid 1. 5 in Selangor Automatic Hatchback White for RM 33, 999 Carlist. my MODEL: TOYOTA PRIUS C 1. 5L HYBRID Carlist. my TOYOTA PRIUS C 1. 5L HYBRID (A) YEAR: 2013 FULL HYBRID SYSTEM PUSH START& KEYLESS ENTRY ORIGINAL LEATHER SEAT CLEAN INTERIOR 2010 Toyota Alphard 2. 4 G 240X MPV. RM 1, 426month2010 toyota prius check hybrid system light Jan 29, 2017 2010 Prius Check Hybrid System! Does anyone know? Oscar Martinez. Toyota Prius history and review Buying a used Prius? Toyota Prius Secret service menu Check codes! Duration

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May 19, 2014 Hi I have Bought Toyota Prius 2010 6 months ago today I see a warning light Check hybrid system. I never had a problem before with this car few days ago it ran out of battery so I have to call Toyota roadside assistance, and they Gave jump start. that was it. could you please tell me what's going on with the car 2010 toyota prius check hybrid system light Sep 14, 2017  Prius C Check Hybrid System Check Engine Light& Q& A 156 Toyota Prius EGR and EGR Cooler Cleanings for P0401 Code Is it Safe to Drive With the Check Engine Light My Toyota Prius hybrid warning light has come on three times in eight years. If I turn the car off for 20 minutes, the hybrid light is off but the check engine light is on. After a while, the check engine light goes off. I think this problem is related to moisture somehow entering the hybrid vent on the driver's side. Jul 02, 2015 It can mean any number of things that affect the hybrid system. In the 2010 a regular CAN code reader will read the hybrid system codes, and with those codes (like P3190) we can tell you a lot more. The soft codes will clear when the system is started four times if the code does not reappear, but it is better to know what it is complaining about. Sep 08, 2015  2010 toyota prius with miles and check hybrid system indicator. The engine light and ! light came on. The car loses power, I pull over and turn the engine off and then turn it on and it trav read more