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We have specific requirement, where my cleint wants to create a campaign, like email or mailer campaign in CRM, But as per System Landscape of our project Email and Letter composition is sent through system called Streamserve, where stream serve will compose the letters and emails based on the template created in CRM with the Target Group attached.Doctricks helps you to implement OpenText StreamServe Customer Communications and to take control over your output. StreamServe works with all types of customer communication, from a single customer letter in a call center to large volumes of output such as credit card statements and invoices. streamserve sap crm

Configuring the SAP system for XOM. StreamServe Persuasion SP5 StreamServe Connect for SAP Delivery Manager User Guide Rev B. Configuring an output device for the Delivery Manager. You can create a new output device, or modify an existing output device for use with the Delivery Manager.

Sep 28, 2017 SAP Partnership. For OpenText and specifically StreamServe consultants, this partnership brought a significant increase in new client requests since the company acquired a lot of fresh business. For NiX, it meant a lot of onsite work, intensive business trips, new challenging tasks, and a lot of useful experience. My company have bought a Warehouse Management System (WMS) that has has a number of reports out of the box. As we implement the WMS at various sites, the users request new reports. The WMS provider gives its customers StreamServe and provides a mechanism within the system that can run SQL scripts to provide StreamServe with inputs. Due to thestreamserve sap crm Nov 13, 2007 SAPendorsed business solutions are complementary to SAP software offerings, developed in accordance with SAP development guidelines, and provide additional capabilities and flexibility for businesses running SAP solutions. StreamServe integrates customer communications capabilities within the framework of the SAP NetWeaver platform.

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Mar 10, 2010 I am currently working on a SAP CRM project where we are using Adobe Document Services (ADS) to generate some PDF documents from SAP. I have an issue with the Page Extraction security restriction associated to PDF generated by ADS. This cause a problem to us since we are expecting the PDF to be processed by Streamserve later on. streamserve sap crm As CRM is a unique database of customercentric information, we can help you unlock the benefits of the CRM and StreamServe synergy for a more effective marketing communication. Backed by an 11year expertise in providing a fullrange CRM development services, ScienceSoft is a trustworthy partner that can ensure seamless integration of CRM StreamServe document presentation SAP export to StreamServe. Tessenderlo Support (for SQLI) December 2012 December 2014. Developments of new changes, in the WebUI principally. General SAP CRM support, bugs correction, middleware support, etc (CRM 7. 1& ECC 6. 0). Responsibilities: WebUI customizing Middleware CRM ERP exchange StreamServe Persuasion SP5 StreamServe Connect for SAP Installation Guide Rev A Configuring SAP Solution Manager for StreamServe If you have registered StreamServe in the SLD, you can configure SAP Solution Manager to use it for central solution m onitoring of the StreamServe Connect for SAP solution and the StreamServer services. Apr 21, 2010 StreamServe Unveils StreamShare Community Site. The company was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Burlington, Mass. , with 14 offices worldwide. StreamServe serves more than 5, 000 customers in 130 countries, primarily in the financial services, utilities, manufacturing, distribution and telecom sectors.