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Jul 08, 2016 Diagnosing and replacing the catalytic converter on a 2002 Toyota Camry P0420 Diagnostic Trouble Code: Catalyst Efficiency Below Threshold No power on acceleration Rattling noise at catalyticOct 15, 2013  My check engine light recently came on, on my 1996 toyota camry and shows the code P0420. The car has about 110, 000 miles on it and I know this could be a very expensive fix. I've been trying to look it up online but some people say its not important or its very important depending on who you ask. I'm moving soon and have to drive about 450 miles, so Im wondering if this is a fix that po420 toyota camry 1996

Aug 22, 2008 My son's 1996 Camry, 4 cylinder, 2. 4 L had a P0420 error code which says emission problem. they recommended a catalytic converter and both oxygen sensors, which we did. Soon there after the error was back. Two mechanics took the car for a ride and they said the catalytic converter and o2 sensors were working fine.

Plugging is usually the end result of a meltdown, which occurs because the converter gets too hot. This happens because the engine is dumping unburned fuel into the exhaust. The excess fuel lights off inside the converter and sends temperatures soaring. If it gets hot enough, the ceramic substrate that carries the catalyst melts. May 24, 2010 How do you resolve a problem with a PO420 engine code on a 1996 Toyota Camry LE? Is it the front or rear catalytic Answered by a verified Toyota Mechanicpo420 toyota camry 1996 Aug 19, 2018 P0420 Toyota Description The Engine Control Module (ECM) monitors the switching frequency ratio of heated oxygen sensors 1 (front O2 sensor) and heated oxygen sensors 2 (rear O2 sensor). A three way catalyst converter (Manifold) with high oxygen storage capacity will indicate a low switching frequency of heated oxygen sensor 2.

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About 5 months ago at 140K miles I had the downstream CAT replaced with an aftermarket one because of the P420 Code. The check engine light went away. 3 Months ago at 143, 700 miles I had the flex pipe crack and had it immediately replaced with a new one. Now at 148K Miles I have the P0420 code back. po420 toyota camry 1996 The code P0420 is for, Catalyst system efficiency below threshold (bank 1). This means that, from what the front and rear oxygen sensors are telling the engine computer, that the catalytic converter is doing a poor job. Are the oxygen sensors indicating correctly? Its time to begin testing and troubleshooting. Nov 21, 2013 Fix Toyota Camry 2000 check engine light code P0420 (catalyst system efficiency below threshold). Good gas mileage as always Not the upstream O2 sensor. The music by Jason Shaw @ audionautix. com. Find a car on Malaysia's No. 1 Car Marketplace. Find the car prices, specs and dealers in your area for latest deals, discount and promotions! Apr 24, 2009 The exhaust systemcatalytic converters are different for California and federal cars. I assume yours is a Federal car. The front what many people call an Oxygen sensor is actually an air fuel ratio sensor and all though looks similar in construction is different in operation.