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If you need a bit of extra cash fast. If you need a bit of extra cash fast definitely use Lending Stream. The application took a couple of mins and when I logged straight into my bank account the money was there! Although the APR is high you can save money by paying off the loan when you get paid. Would recommend Lending Stream 100 every time.A Payday lender may contact your employer for the following reasons; Removes the need for statements and payslips etc to be sent back and forth Provides opportunity to check identity, residency, work and income Can provide an alternative to a credit check, although some providers do both to ensure responsible lending. do lending stream contact employer

Short Term Loans Lending Stream 4. 8 stars out of 5 based on reviews. 5 stars Our customers are saying Lending Stream offers fast, excellent and efficient service with affordable repayments. Subject to loan approval, you will receive cash through our Express Cash Transfer option for free if supported by your bank. We can send

Lending Stream are is an excellent way of borrowing, short term with no fuss and you are in control of the payments and can more off if you want. They are great if you are like me, know you can afford the repayments but have had past problems and a less than perfect credit score. Lending Stream, Wisteria Grange Barn, Pikes End, Pinner, London, HA5 2EX, United Kingdom. Further ways to contact Lending Stream. If you would prefer to contact Lending Stream in writing rather than calling their telephone helplines you can do so by sending the relevant correspondence to either their postal address or by completing an online lending stream contact employer Lending Stream are very difficult to deal with. I have taken out 59 loans with them and that have not upheld my complaint saying I have only had 28 loans, My bank statements& Credit file show I have had 59 loans with them, I have called them numerous times about this and they will not help me, this is now with the ombudsman.

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This means that you can choose to use a loan from lending stream like a traditional payday product, if you choose to repay within 30 days. Alternatively, you can spread the repayments over a longer period (up to 6 months) to make the monthly repayments more manageable. do lending stream contact employer May 09, 2019  Your address, a valid email and telephone number, your income and outgoings, employer details and bank account information. Lending Stream will notify you online or via email on the status of your application. Usually within minutes of approval but it Aug 09, 2012 A few months ago I took out two payday loans with Lending Stream wish I hadn't now as communicating with them is like getting blood from a stone, but I needed the money. Anyway, as soon as I realised that I couldn't pay it all back, I emailed them as it said to do if I was having problems repaying the loan. Contact: 0203 365 0133# . Lending Stream shortterm loans are a responsible payday loan alternative. You have up to 6 months to pay back, and wont be hit with any fees if you pay back early. Short Term Loans Lending Stream 4. 8 stars out of 5 based on reviews. This verifies that you have an active email account with your employer. If you decide not to provide your work email address, we can still verify your employment, but it may take a little longer. Just click Id rather not provide my work email or I dont have a work email, and well use a